Permanent Openings at the Following Times

Sun 2 AMMon 1 AMTue 3 AMThu 1 AMThu 2 AMFri 1 AMFri 6 PM

Email coordinator if you are available for one of these permanent openings on a semi-permanent basis.

Registration on this site, or by filling out the half sheet registration cards available at the church and chapel, is how new adorers can sign up as either a sub, a permanent adorer or both. Whether you are a sub or a permanent adorer, once you are registered, you can claim any of the current openings that are shown in the leftmost column of this page.

Substitute Adorers

Permanent Adorers

Many adorers are unable to commit to the same specific hour each week for many different reasons. These adorers offer to visit the Blessed Sacrament at a time that intersects with their availability and our scheduling needs.

Subs are just as important to us as permanent adorers are because they help us ensure that the Blessed Sacrament is never left alone for even the briefest moment.

Permanent adorers offer to commit to one or more hours of adoration at the same time each week. When a permanent adorer can't make it for illness, travel, vacations, etc. he or she simply requests a sub online, through email, or with a phone call to the coordinator. As much advance notice as possible is appreciated. The coordinator ensures that the hour is covered. This type of scheduling benefits both the adorer and the subs.

Watch What Our Own Adorers Have to Say

In this video, Albert Saenz from the USCCB, came out to St. Agnes to speak with many of our own adorers. Watch what they have to say.

Jesus Longs For Your Visit!